Intercepting VORs when you don't know where you are.

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1. You cannot use VPS ... only VOR
2. Your check out instructor asks you to do this ... how do you tell when you intercept a new VOR and how does that help you find a specific airport ... like BONG (love the name of that one).

I've read countless books and watched many YouTube videos but none that I've read or watched answered the question. I'm using the Cessna 172SP Skyhawk

Thank guys and gals.

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Answered my question I believe ... I found this which permits the creating of VOR an IF maps on your own ... pretty neat.

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The URL is as follows:

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Do you still need info on this or do you have it all sorted?

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I don't have it sorted out ... I've bought two books and have torn up the internet to find out the information ... can you shed any light on the matter for me?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Ok, starting from the beginning then...

First, you need the frequency of the VOR to tune into the NAV1 box.

Secondly, you need to identify it - you do this by using the VOR selector on the communication panel so you hear the morse ident. This checks you have the right beacon. Note, that this point is vital in the real world, but quite obviously, fairly unimportant in the sim.

Thirdly, you need to display the radial you want to fly, and then fly it! Simple.

Point 3 is the bit where the learning starts.

A VOR is a radio beacon (often co-located with a DME, which gives you the distance from the beacon) that has 360 radials. You can track any number of those 360 radials, by using an HSI. That's the instrument with the crossbars and the 360 degree "compass" card on the outside of the instrument with the CRS (course) selector in the bottom corner.

In your example, you want to know how to fly towards a VOR that you don't know the location of. In that example, follow steps 1 and 2. Then, turn the OBS (omni-bearing selector) until the CDI (course deviation indicator - the vertical bar on the dial) is in the centre. Then note whether the instrument, via the white flag, is telling you, that you are TO or FROM the beacon. If you want to fly towards it, turn the dial until you it says TO. Make sure you check whether you are TO or FROM though, because the CDI will centre in both senses. So, now you have the TO reading, and you have a centred CDI.

The next step is to change the heading of the aircraft to the reading that is at the top of the OBS, by banking towards it. This will displace the CDI slightly, but the way the CDI works is that you fly towards the line. So if the line deviates left, fly left. If it deviates right, fly right. Once the heading is the same as that selected by the OBS and needle centred, you are flying in a straight line, with corrections, towards the beacon.

Once you over fly it, the white flag goes to FROM and you're flying from the beacon on the same radial.

That covers the instance of flying to a VOR that you don't know the location of but doesn't really cover the VOR to VOR navigation side of things. I'd suggest you have a play around with this: - it's a lot easier than doing it in the sim.

It's hard to get to grips with in the first instance, but stick at it and it'll come.

If you need more information, let me know.

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Hey Chief Captain,

The level of effort and time put into your response has not gone unnoticed which requires a hearty ... THANK YOU. I'm currently writing a paper with all of this information so others can benefit from your efforts. Thanks again!

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Hey Captain, is there anyway I can get a document to you? My email is I can attach the document and send it back.

It is a step by step instruction on flying a VFR VOR to VOR flight from Charlotte-Douglas Intl in Charlotte, NC to a small little burg that I came from in WV, Ona ... (12V). The cruise altitude is 8,500 ft where I was flying through nothing but could ... couldn't see a darned thing outside ... Meteorological Conditions .

I think some one else just starting out with VOR flight might get a benefit from it. Thanks for considering this.


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