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I have purchased the radio panel and the autopilot multi control panel. 2 things:

On the radio panel, is there any way to make the other radios active, besides com 1 without having to use the mouse on the screen?

On the autopilot panel, when i switch on auto throttle it doesn't make the switch activate on the screen in some of my stock FSX planes. Any help? Also, when I push the AP button on the panel to activate the auto pilot it doesn't activate on the screen. It actually makes the noise like it is deactivating. I have to switch on the button on the screen and then use the panel. Any help???


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back again....
now I have the switch panel from saitek and some of the switches don't turn the appropriate switch on when i use the panel. It worked fine for 1 day and then it stopped. I have gone and deleted out the shortcut keys. Could this be the problem?

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