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I purchased this from simshack, and you find out in very small print that it needs a serial number. I have spent days and days trying to get the serial number through emails, and emailed the people who took the money. There has been no response after days and days from support.fsps@737ng.gr . A ticket was opened and flyaway here, an no one has bother to read it either. for only a 13.00 program this is absoulute crap. The ultimate checklist needs to be removed from simshack, and anyone else that sells it, as there is no support and no serial number. For such a cheap program a serial number should be included in the download. Redicoulous.! Is there anyone here who has had this experience, or knows how to resolve this.
Order #10198 (Dispatched)
Order Date: Thursday 19 January, 2012 Order Total: $13.11
1 x FSPS Ultimate Checklist - FSX & FS2004
- Delivery Method: Immediate Download

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I'll bring this to Flyaways attention...sorry.


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We have a bit of an email backlog but I'll ask Simon to answer this immediately. Sorry for the delay.


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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

Simon has replied to your email with an explanation and serial number. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and the delay in getting this resolved.

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