PMDG 747 crashes at LIRN when taking off

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I notice that when taking off from LIRN in the PMDG 747 at runway 24, it crashes after a brief run down the runway. I have tried in vain to vary the weight distribution but to no avail. Depending on the weight, it will crash at further spots down the runway. This is with or without a flight plan programmed in the FMC. The PMDG 737 does not exhibit this problem. Has anyone else seen this phenomenom.

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The PMDG 747-400 crashing at LIRN seems to be indicative of this aircraft only. The original 747-400 that is supplied with the original FS2004 does not exhibit this characteristic of crashing upon takeoff at LIRN. So it would appear that the problem is somewhere in the software that PMDG supplies. If you disable the "Detect Crashes and Damage" in the settings, then the PMDG-747-400 will fly a normal takeoff. This is a fix for the symptom but not the cure.

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