ICAO procedures for a missed app. during circling

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Hi all.

I am just a couple of weeks off from finishing my comm IF, but need to do some IF theory questions. The question is: State the ICAO procedures for a missed approach during a circling approach. I have been unable to find a suitable answer. In South Africa you would turn towards the airport, establish on missed approach track and then follow missed approach procedure, as stated on the plate. Any one familiar with ICAO??


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Probably not the place to ask that, go to PPrune.

Search first, it's probably already on there. I would explain but it's 3am and I can't be bothered.

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Yeah I realize its not the best place to ask, but I have always had good replies. Thanks for the link

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Not sure if ICAO is any different, but certainly in the UK and Europe, you have to turn towards the airfield and complete the missed approach of the instrument approach you were doing before you split off for the circling.

I can't really see how you can do it any other way since the circling procedure is visual (at or very close to MDA/DA) and the approach plates don't give any amended missed approach instructions for the circling procedure.

I'd be very surprised if ICAO was significantly different.

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You are right. The only difference with ICAO, is the minimum heights and the circling radius.
The procedure is the same

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If visual reference is lost while circling to land from an instrument approach, the missed approach specified for that particular procedure shall be followed. The transition from the visual (circling) manoeuvre to the missed approach should be initiated by a climbing turn, within the circling area, towards the landing runway, to return to the circling altitude or higher, immediately followed by interception and execution of the missed approach procedure. The indicated airspeed during these manoeuvres shall not exceed the maximum indicated airspeed associated with visual manoeuvring(ICAO Doc 8168: PANS-OPS, Volume 1, Chapter 7, Section 7.4)

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