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Hey, anybody know of some good weapons/ effects ie. bomb explosions. I don't mind paying a little, but preferably free. I see a lot of people online with simulated nuclear bombs, I want to get in on that. Danke!

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Hey mate yeah i know where to get the nuclear weapon first download the free B-2A spirit for fsx not the one that says it was redesigned from sr-71 but the actual B-2A and then download the Tu-95MS Bear and you will get a Fx_95 Missile with it then what you need to do is copy the Contents in the Fx_Nukem config paste it in the Fx_95 Missile config and save it or save as document then copy the one you have just moded and paste inside the effects folder with the old Fx_95 Missile config and then it will ask you to either copy but keep both or don't copy but you need to click on copy and replace and you should have it when you hit the i button. 🙂

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