Stanstead Airport

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Does Stanstead only have one ILS runway?

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

No two - RWY 05 and RWY 23 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain


They're now campaigning to add another runway 😉

Jamie4590 Guest

I saw on the news about them wanting to add another runway at Stanstead but wildlife and greenery will be even more affected by the fuel emissions.

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

Gatwick are planning to have another runway which would go through a couple of villages 😳 I think due to the large number against the idea..the plan won't go ahead Surprised

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kieranja First Officer

funny though they all aginst it till they going on hol and it takes ages to get out airport. then u will hear them say they should have more gates runways for a place this big and so on lol

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TimH First Officer

I was at Stansted airport there two weeks ago, flying back on a Ryanair flight to Dublin, and we had to wait ages at the runway

We arrived there, and we were fifth in line, which doesnt seem so bad at first

A ryanair at the front of the que, then an easyjet, then a cargo 747-400, then another Ryanair, then us, a Ryanair!!!!

The ryanair at the first got out straight away, but the Easyjet wasnt going anywhere, then we see a charter aircraft touchdown. We expected the easyjet to line up, but it didnt, instead it was still holding, and another Ryanair touched down (seriously!!). Then it went into position and departed

As it was rolling, the 747 did not line up, so we all knew what was coming. An Easyjet touched down, then the 747 departed

The Ryanair in front of us got onto the runway straight after the 747, and it went out then shortly after the 747 became airbourne

Then our plane didnt taxi on, and an Air Berlin landed.

Then we got on, took off and en route to Dublin (at last)

However, we landed 8 minutes early and had a cruising altitude of 36,000ft. The 737-800 was clean and the pilot seemed good.

The landing on runway 28 at Dublin was smooth

Stansted really needs a second paralell runway, took ages to take off

No problems getting in for landing though on the way there

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