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DonWood Guest

I have what I am afraid is a very basic question. Please don't flame me - I did try to find the answer before posting this.

I am transitioning from the C-172 to the C-208B in Flt Sim. I can bring the aircraft checklist up on the kneeboard but I cannot find any way to print it for off-line study. I am able to print the A/C flight notes with some of the basic procedures and speeds but cannot find any way to print the full, detailed checklist. Can anyone help?

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Open up the main fs9 folder on your harddrive and look for a folder called FSweb open it,and then Learning Centre/Aircraft, all the notes to the standard aircraft are in there
The notes from the knee board are in each of the aircraft folders as a html page,which you shoul be able to print off or save

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michlin First Officer


Here's an excellent site for free aviation and simulator checklists and more...

DonWood Guest

Thank you both for the information.

TomTheTank: Even though the checklists were not exactly where your message directed me, with that clue I was able to find them. The area you sent me had the A/C flight notes and specifications that I was already able to print.

For the information of anyone who also wants to print them, checklists are located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\C208B\cessna208b_check.html\. Obviously, you would substitute your A/C type if you wanted checklists for other than the C208B.

Thanks again for the help.


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