Pure Virtual Function Call R6025

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I am having a tough problem using the FMC and flying from KLAX to KLAS. I am using SID OSHNN1 from runway 25R at KLAX. The standard waypoints are SMOOG-BEKER-PEVEE-HOLTZ-OSHNN-SLI and so on. I am flying the PMDG 747-400. Takeoff is normal and around 600 feet the AP, L-NAV and V-NAV are engaged with the aircraft flying normally following the waypoints as directed by the FMC. Several miles before I get to the SLI waypoint and after OSHNN, I get the following: Pure Virtual Function Call R6025 and the machine freezes with the engines still running and being heard through the speakers. I have tried everything I know of to eliminate this problem but to no avail. This is the only airport/flight plan that is giving me this problem but I cannot narrow it down to what the cause is. Need help on this one.


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have you had problemes with any other routes?

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Hi... This is the only route whereI have had this particular problem. I did get around it by routing around the SLI waypoint. That doesn't solve the problem but it let me use the SID from LAX by eliminating some waypoints and adding a couple of others. My waypoints now are as follows: SMOOG BEKER PEVEE BASON DAG, etc.

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