following atc directions on a ifr flight

wrightflyer1903 Guest

everytime i fly a ifr flight atc tells me to turn a differnt heading i am moving in the right direction when a get my landing directions i turn to the heading they tell me but it seems way off to whre the runway is is this a problem with the game or is this normal thanks.

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Michael Guenthner (MJG145CAP) Trainee

They are giving you a vector to intercept the localizer. So yes it will be off of a direct heading towards the airport. Try the help functions in FS9 to check out flying an ILS approach to see what I'm refering to.

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ronaldpatton Trainee

Beware! Most of the time the ATC vectors will work out but sometimes... they will send you off on a wild goose chase that takes you so far off the track that you will never get there. And somtimes they will just stop talking to you for no apparent reason. Have fun!

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