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Jege23 Guest

Hi everyone,
I have been playing FSX the last month perfectly in ultra high all... Since i started add Addonscenery and airplanes, since then i expirience some problems:
1) After loading, my airplane is crashing, or (disable crashes) bouncing inside the ground and i have overspeed...
2) Traffic around airport is like sinked ships, inside ground
3) In airtraffic all CPU aircrafts fly with gear down and full flaps, and ATC cant stop remind them to climb...
4)Fuel truck is not coming...
5) after a flight i get a GPS_engine error by FSX

problem no. 1 sometimes disapear in airports i have not add scenery, sometime not...

I have try everything, Uninstall, install all C+++ again, remove from library and program files all addonscenery, repair, rename scenery file and scenery.cfg and then repair, everything.... Please help me i am so sad i cant play FSX... 😞

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henedu Guest

i had about the same problem(s); first of all i uninstalled all the add-ons since the problem occurred;
then after nearly a week fumbling, i had to uninstall fsx completely en install again...voila !!
If that is not succesfull with you, well...i'm afraid you have to bring back the os to an earlier state....hope you don'have to install windows all over again...
What procedure do you follow to install add-ons ?
Which add-ons are we talking about ?

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