Cockpit view takes up the whole screen

Dave Schwartz Guest

I just started using FSX today. Last time I flight simmed, it was with FS 2004 or something like that. I noticed right away that when I was in cockpit view, the instrument panel took up nearly 80% of my screen and I couldn't see over the top. When I switched to virtual cockpit, I could see out the window, but couldn't see the instrument panel without panning down. Both of these are not acceptable to me. The previous versions allowed me to treat the instrument panel as though it were an independent window and drag the top boarder down until I achieved a decent compromise between seeing the instruments and seeing out the window. I can't seem to do this with FSX. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Download and print this out, it should help you with keyboard commands.


Bob LaMontagne Guest

I real world flying you are hardly ever looking at both the outside world and the instruments simultaneously. That is why I prefer the VC cockpit. When I want the outside view emphasized - that is where I look. I don't need to simultaneously see the instruments. Likewise, if I need certain information from the instruments - that is where my focus is. The trick to flying a sim smoothly and effortlessly is the same as in the real world - trim the airplane. Then when you are gazing out the window at passing scenery or looking for other aircraft, you can be confident that the plane is doing what it's supposed to be doing.

GaryH Guest

Try using "Shift-Backspace"

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Depends on the aircraft Some of the smaller private planes, you can see fine, Also in 2D you can push the "W" button,

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