Uninstalling and re-installing FSX problems

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If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

The problem started when I decided to switch from Win 7 32Bit with 4GB RAM to Win 64Bit with 14GB RAM. I decided to uninstall FSX prior to the change and moved all my Personal FSX files/records (so I can pick up where I last flew), to another drive on the same PC.

The switch went fine and Win 7 64Bit seems very stable but the problem I am havingis re-installing FSX. Everytime I load CD1 it starts the install then it tells me that it can't complete because FSX is alread detected on my system.

I have cleaned out all referances to FSX from my registry and all shortcuts and links on my hard drive. I'm still getting the same problem.

What is the install seeing that I am not? Crying or Very sad

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Be sure to follow every step, something ( a folder?) is still on the machine.



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