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P-3 Orion Engine Trouble

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Mark Stephenson (patronsix06) Trainee

Good Evening,

Well after 3 years I finally completed my SIm Cockpit and I am very happy with it, I am flying most of all my aircraft just fine. But since I am a retired P-3 Orion Flyer so I downloaded L-188 Electra and P-3 Orions. Everything works just fine but one very important part the engines will not start???? Can someone please give me some help here, I see on You Tube guys flying these thing and I would pay good money if someone could just tell me how to start these engines up and keep them running. Please feel free to contact me driect at I live in Delray Beach Florida so if you in the area a helping hand would be great.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Mark Stephenson, USN(RET)

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