PLEASE HELP! Problem with land/sea textures going light blue

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Can anyone who knows about FSX a lot to help me overcome a problem where the land(mainly by the coast and all sea underneath or around the aircraft doesn't show up!) I see light blue covering the sea/land???? Has anyone had this problem with textures before and how can i fix it. I have some scenery installed in places....

I do have quite a few scenery installed on my standard FSX with SP2. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem not just in one area but everywhere. Could it be a certain scenery that causes this to happen. Also, has anyone come across this problem before? Can someone post a youtube video or instructions on how to get rid of this???? Thanks. Is there a way of sending pictures on this website forum?

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Try deleting the last add-on you installed and see if that helps.
Yes you can attach, right above this message box it says "Upload/insert image into post",


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