HELP! I have a problem with land/sea textures! light blue?

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Can anyone who knows about FSX a lot to help me overcome a problem where the land(mainly by the coast and all sea underneath or around the aircraft doesn't show up!) I see light blue covering the sea/land???? Has anyone had this problem with textures before and how can i fix it. I have some scenery installed in places....

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Try deleting the last add-on you installed and see if that helps.


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Run your game so that you can see the problem. then go to the world tab and click scenery. you can uncheck the added scenery files one at a time. Rather then deleting. It will make changes in game. keep trying until you see the problem correct itself. Then you will know which scenery file is causing it, and you can try to find a different version of the same area. I would start with the scenery files that would make changes to the area your flying in when you see the problem. if it is the coast in LA then try looking for any scenery files for LA, CA, West USA, ect ...

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Hi, well I do have quite a few scenery installed on my standard FSX with SP2. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem not just in one area but everywhere. Could it be a certain scenery that causes this to happen. Also, has anyone come across this problem before. Can someone post a youtube video or instructions on how to get rid of this???? Thanks. Is their a way of sending pictures on this website forum?

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I fixed this issue simply by changing from real world weather to the fixed (at top) selection, to 'Fair'. It did the trick.

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