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RogueDefector Guest

Hi guys

I'm in need of your help. I've got the standard edition of FSX and I'm in need of the SDK that comes with the deluxe edition.

Anyone know where I can get it from?

I'd like to use it straight away rather than buy the deluxe edition and wait for it to be delivered. (I'm a bit impatient ) 😎

Anyone's help will be much appreciated.

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RogueDefector Guest

Cheers, I've already read that and it seems that the only way that I'll be getting the SDK is to buy the deluxe or gold edition.

Now to find a shop that sells it otherwise it'll mean waiting for it to be delivered off the net.

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Not to many stores will be carrying it any more.
Try Fry's if you have one near you.


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Morgan Thomas Guest

Here is the link to the FSX SDK, Hope you enjoy it 🙂
Just copy the "Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK" folder into the Microsoft Games folder and there you have it! The sdk is handy for ADE (Airport Design Editor) and others!


Contact me: sooty3322@gmail.com

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