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FSX sp1 & the SDK ?

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Will the FSX Service Pack 1 (SP1) have any changes for the Software development Kit (SDK)?

I know there is already available a patch for the SDK and I've not seen anything that says further patches for SDK are bundled with SP1.

Reason I ask is I've not installed the SDK yet, but expect to in the future when I want to edit my map. Should I install the SDK before SP1?

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PhilTaylor Guest

Yes, there are both SDK and Simconnect updates contained in SP1.

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Michaelvg1 First Officer

Phil.. When I called a MS rep to help me configure FSX they suggested I change the Affinity to one core on my 2 core system. Will I be leaving them both on when SP1 is installed?

Will there be a big difference?

Someone also mentioned that you have a link to a guide for setting systems and FSX to maximize performance. Where can I find it.

Looking forward to the SP.

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