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We are an online group of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Aviation Enthusiasts of varying levels of experience or ability. For pilots, hobbyists or air traffic controllers, novice to expert...

​Sky Connection is your world, connected.​

Sky Connection is accepting members 13 years old or older, interested in flying or air traffic control services. Sky Connection offers members the opportunity to advance within the group by training with our qualified members to obtain certifications in VFR or IFR flight, or Clearance Delivery, Ground Controller, Tower Controller or Radar Services (Arrival, Departure, or Centre Controllers) as a Sky Connection Air Traffic Controller.

Sky Connection hosts a 24/7 Microsoft Flight Simulator X server providing a minimum of 2 professional-level sessions a month providing members a friendly realistic flight experience.

Join the group to receive Sky Connection updates; including upcoming pro-sessions, promotions and important NOTAMS.

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If you have Teamspeak 3, you can connect via this address:

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D3M077 Guest

We shall be having Pro ATC sessions on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of May.

Times: 3rd - 1900 to 2200 EST 4th - 1900 to 2200 EST
5th - 1500 to 1800 EST

Leave a comment with which airport you would like us to use. The most popular one will be used on the Pro ATC.

Airports: San Diego International, Sea-Tac, or Pearson. to get the IP for the server.

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