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Here is an easy way to install a radar system in almost any aircraft in FSX. I used the old radar that was for FS9(2004) and with a few changes managed to get it to work in FSX. I have tried this on 3 different aircraft and the radar worked perfectly on all of them. You can easily position it, resize it and it includes a clickable Icon so you can click it on or off. It is best to copy and paste the code lines so there is no typing error.

Installing Radar in FSX


First obtain a copy of the following two files RDRWDW.zip file.

RDRWDW.zip can be found on FlightSim.com.

You will also need FSUIPC version 2.83 or higher. I am not sure where to

find this file is but a search on the internet should produce it.


INSTALLLATIION for FSX using the Bombardier CRJ-700 aircraft

Unzip the RDRWDW.ZIP file to a temporary folder

1. Got to the temporary folder and left click on RADAR WINDOW.

2. Inside the RADAR WINDOW will be 6 files.

3. Click on the Gauges folder and move the "F16.gau" and "cpt.icons.CAB"

to your C:\Program Files(86)\Microsoft Games\ Microsoft Flight Simulator

X\Gauges folder.

4. Copy the RADAR.bmp (located in the bitmap folder) file to your

Bombardier CRJ-700 panel folder.

5. Open the CRJ-700 panel.cfg file with a text editor. (notepad)

6. Insert the following last line in [window00]

gaugeXX=cpt.icons!ifr, 249,454,20,20

This will place the new Radar Icon in line with the default icons on the

Bombardier CRJ-700 which comes with FSX.

7. In the [Window Titles] section at the top of the panel.cfg file,
add the following line to the end of the Window list:


8. Find the last [WindowXX] section in the panel.cfg file. AFTER this

entire section, but before the [VCockpit01] section, add the following

Lines of code by doing a copy and past so there is no typing error.

(We're adding our new window with this.)


window_size= 0.400, 0.400
window_pos= 0.100, 0.100

gauge00=F16!Radar, 10,15,127,113
gauge01=F16!Radar Mode, 17,144,32,12
gauge02=F16!Radar Range, 51,144,32,12


7. Open the CRJ-700 in FSX and click on the small circular icon on the

extreme right of the small icons and The RADAR window should pop up.

10. Since it is a window, if the size is not to your liking, you can

resize it by dragging on the edges and then moving it anywhere on the


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FSUIPC download.


Thank you for this simple way to get radar into an FSX aircraft.

Be ready for an onslaught of questions.
Good luck all.


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Hi Radarman... Thanks for adding the link for the FSUIPC program. I know this will be a big help. I have not been inundated with questions as yet on the Radar program. Perhaps I should have mentioned that it does require some knowledge of editing panel.cfg files.

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Your explanation is quite clear, you may not get as many as we think.


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