I Cant Install My Flight Simulator X!

mikender45 Guest

Hi I have This Problem And when I install My Flight Simulator X
It says Problem with Flight sim x Go to Your Nearest Game Vender?
And Before it was on my Pc I tried logging on and it took Multiplayer from
the List

I need Help Bad!

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Has it ever been installed on your computer.
Is it a brand new copy bought at a store or on line.


mikender45 Guest

I Put it on other Computers and When I got It brand New it happened and its still doing it and I got this about 2012 or 2011 Or I might Need a New One Thought the Updated Version

mikender45 Guest

Yeah It was put on my computer

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Follow this (it works for FSX also).
Then your computer will be ready to reload FSX clean.


If you want to reinstall Windows and then install FSX that would be perfect but the above link should do it, it has every time so far.

Let us know how you do, by the way that error message can't be found on Google, you can try.


mikender45 Guest

Hey I tried Everything and I deleted My old Flight Sim Deluex File
and It Still Doesn't Work When This Problem Started is when It Wouldn't Logg Me into Gamespy

I don't Think Gamespy Supports this Simulator Any more

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mikender45 Guest

Hey just to say That The Thing you gave Me Doesn't work
And Im trying To find A flight Sim x servicepack 1 installer
I have cd But If anyone can Get a Installer It would Be Appriecated!


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What is The Thing?

SP1 will install itself if you just click on it, like any program does.





Or you can buy The Acceleration Pack for FSX and it contains both, they will be automatically installed when you install the add-on.
This is the best way as others have found out.


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