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Hello, sorry for posting again but i need this question clarified.

If someone good with reading VOR charts, could you please just follow my instructions for about 2 seconds and help me. PLEASE.

Go to FS2004
Click on "Flying Lessons"
Then scroll down to Instrument Pilot and click on "Solo Flight: VOR approach"
Near middle of the briefing you can click "chart".
Now this is the chart that i need explanation on.

Looking at the part located near the bottom that shows altitude at certain points. Could someone help me clarify this, and im still kind of new with it

This is what i think

Starting at 5000' then descending to 3000' once you get onto the 338 degree course. THen once you pass the MILLT(which can someone explain what it means) you can descend to 1600' and according to this i can go straight down to 1600' since as soon as i get on the 338 course i passed the millt. THen after that it says i can descend to the lowest altitude to 840' after i pass the NDB(dont know what that is), and how do i know when i pass the NDB.

If someone could clarify and tell me what i got right and wrong it would be great. PLEASE

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DonWood Guest

I'm going to answer the questions you posed but, first, I want to make a suggestion. You need to go back and start the instrument course fresh. By the time you get to a solo VOR approach lesson, you should know the answers to these questions.

On the approach you asked about, the course is the SEA 158 radial inbound, flying a heading of 338 degrees plus or minus wind correction.

MILLT is an intersection formed by the inbound radial at SEA DME 33 (33 nautical miles from the Seattle VOR, measured by DME) OR the inbound radial and the 025 degree radial from the McChord VOR (which is needed by pilots not having a DME).

NDB is an abbreviation for the Non-Directional Beacon and is shown on the chart as DONDO. You tune your NDB radio in the airplane to 224 (per the chart) and you know you are at DONDO when the NDB needle swings from pointing forward to pointing backward, presuming you are on course.


OK thank you, ill go back and re read everything.

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