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This is the Administration team at the Virtual Federal Aviation Administration. We are looking for pilots and administrators! The Virtual FAA is an organization that attempts to emulate the US Federal Aviation Administration by conducting activities on a simulator platform. These include air traffic control services, flight school and airline approval and endorsement, and the facilitation of the aviation community into a single place.

The virtual FAA is a new organization, that began in June 2013 by Andrew C. From that time things have grown considerably, and we hope to continue out growth and success into the future. To communicate with pilots and friends we use TeamSpeak 3, a free voice over IP program that allows for voice communication. You can connect to our public server at
The Virtual FAA is in no way related to the real FAA, or any other government or private firm. We only seek to replicate the professionalism and services of the real FAA in a simulator environment.

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The Virtual FAA's website is

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