The book: Principles and Practice of Aviation Psychology

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Principles and Practice of Aviation Psychology is an important addition to the literature in aviation psychology. Covering the history of aviation to the actual pilot actions and tasks today, the editors have brought together a wonderful set of contributors who are leaders in this field.

The text presents psychological principles and research pertinent to the interface between a pilot and the cockpit. Understanding the cognitive demands and the capabilities and limitations of the pilot has important implications on selection and training of pilots and display/control designs in the cockpit. Emphasis is placed on the scientific methods of achieving this understanding together with the view that theories and principles of human behavior would have much to learn from practical problems and applied studies.

Key features:
*Each chapter is rooted in the "real world" of aviation and performs the valuable service of presenting us with solid theoretical discussion that combines applied relevance and practical insights.
*This book shows the state-of-the-art overview of aviation psychology for the second century of aviation.
*Presents a unique set of engineering principles within the context of the aviation domain.
*Can serve as a textbook for courses in aviation psychology.

Principles and Practice of Aviation Psychology is written for researchers, students, equipment and systems designers, trainers, pilots, managers, aerospace engineers, air traffic controllers, and government regulatory personnel and investigators.

File is around 38Mb.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Thanks a lot, just downloaded the book. 👍

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