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To whom it may concern:
I am a former Ramp Supervisor for United Airlines. I am going back to graduate school for my MBA. What I would like to see is up-to-date aircraft with releastic sound and panals. Also, if it snowing at O'Hare least make the snow stick to the runway, aircraft and ground. In addition, if you fly into O'Hare show the area snow not green grass. Overall, make this one a lot better than 2004.

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If your talking about FS-2006 Which I think you are (I just came across the post in a search) It would probably depend strickly on your video card and computers operating power. There is add-in software you can get for FS that makes everything look all real-world with aircraft and terminals, etc. looking as they do in real life...Now to operate this software you need quite a powerful computer, with an exceptional video card..

To further explain,
If Microsoft were to add this into FS2006, it would probably depend mostly on the graphic designers of the game. The reason it would depend so much on them, is because they have to literally draw this stuff out before it gets placed into the game. Im not sure how 'computer-literate' you are, or your background in computers, otherwise Id tell you about GUI Programming, and OpenGL Programming which FS Relies on as well.
But if you want to know more, post a reply, Id be happy to help... 🙂


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