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did any of you go to the G3 covention? well according to this Microsoft was there with a booth for flight simulator 2006. according to them it will be out mid summer 2006. better to take longer than to have a crappy game!

"Reports from JustFlight who have just returned from the E3 Expo in Los Angeles are that Microsoft are planning to release the next version of its Microsoft Flight Simulator series in Summer 2006. The next version of Flight Simulator, is rumoured to be code-named 'FS10', the next version up from FS9, the current version. No more further information is available as of yet."

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That was back in June.

Thanks, we saw that a while back. I'll believe it when MS puts out an "official: statement.

Thanks again.


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I hope it's worth the fortune they'll probly sell it for, and I hope all my aircraft are compatible...they are going to really upset some folks with a lot of planes and stuff (like me - 433 and still downloading) if they don't.

Do you suppose they've actually paid any attention to the post for FS 2006 requests?

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