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Actually 2 questions. I have currently got FSX which I use the most and just got xplane 10 (but mostly familiar with FSX at mo). I currently have CH products yoke and rudders, 3 screen set up with eye infinity and TrackIR.

I am firstly having some small issues with my CH products yoke (rudders fine) as it seems the spring is not as good as it used to be during normal tear and wear. The yoke is not as responsive in pitch control so thinking whether to get the newer version or the saitek flight pro with seperate throttle levers. Could anyone advise which is best?

Also, I am wanting to add that little extra realism and cannot decide which is the next external peripheral to purchase. Which do you think is the best next step from 1) Saitek multi panel (with trim wheel built in), 2) separate trim wheel (more accurate?), 2) Saitek radio panel? 3) Saitek flight control panel?

Any help and hearing from other peoples experience would be really helpful with my choices.

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I have the Saitek yoke and pedals.
I like them but never had the CH products so I can't compare just say I'm happy with Saitek.
As for the other items, I don't have them so I can't suggest them.


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I just read an article about Saitek controls and what to add next for more realism. I am not a programmer and have only been pc literate for about 10 years. However I have through persistence and excellent plans from Jim NZ built my own cockpit based on the Grumman Goose. the cockpit is enclosed which enhances the realism. I love the buzz of throwing a switch I have programed and watching the effect in FSX. If you have the time and know how it's a great project to embark on

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