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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Best of the season all...

I am considering getting rid of my CH controllers and replacing them with the Saitek line which offer more realistic options and seem to be a whole lot better. Have any of you tried or are using Saitek? I like the look of the Saitek products despite the price, and they seem to be a lot more authentic. Appreciate any feedback...

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

I love my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Rudder Pedals. Don't get the pedals, though. They jam and break. Stick with CH for pedals but go with Saitek for the yoke.

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

I've been using the x-52 for awhile, it's not bad but not fantastic.

The programming options are great, the buttons are great, but they used cheap sensors for everything but the stick so the wheels, slider, adn throttle all give a fairly noisy signal.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Been using the X-52 Pro (Stick and Throttle) for some time, also have the pedals. As I never fly GA and hardly ever civil jets I've put the pedals back in the box. The stick and throttle I've never managed to program -- there seems to be a difference between the Standard and the Pro files -- and there were or are issues with Vista.

I'd research thoroughly before taking a leap of faith.

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oldsamer First Officer

Of course you know I still like my CH flight stick and pedals. So much so I only fly models with stick and rudder.

Although I must admit I always fly sock footed for better "feel" and I've adapted to the FSX default axis and button assignments.

They've held up for 2 years now without calibration.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

I got the CH combat stick for xmas and I realy find it adds to stick and rudder aircraft and Helicopters. With the CH rudders I already had, it gives a good feel of the real thing. I like the CH yoke as well, but in looking at the Saitek Website, their yoke and quadrants have a more athentic look. I also am interested in the switch panel they offer as it has mags, and landing gear not to mention better looking switches. It would fit really well into a sim pit and not look out of place as is. It is designed to fit neatly on top of their yoke for a nice compact fit as well. The only CH product I am really not happy with is the Quadrant which has been nothing but problems, even with CH offering to warranty it, I'd need to pay for shipping both ways, and if the stupid thing is fine, then I've had to pay $80.00 odd bucks for the round trip with no resolution. Not in my opinion worth the cost. The simple fact is it does not work with my FSX as it keeps getting dropped from the controller list on both FSX and the computer independently and randomly. Weird, but the I am flying very near the bermuda triangle...

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