FMA for 707 (Flight Management Automation)

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I downloaded this FMC for the FSX 707 only, from Simviation's utils but it was the v1.0.1 which did not work.

Brett Orsecky, the FMA maker, emailed me the version2 "".

It is really impressive FMC for the FSX 707 only. A new flying experience.

You load a flight plan, set 2-3 things in the cockpit control panel, click on the autothrottle's "ALT", brakes off, rotate around 160kts & at 120ft let go & call for coffee.

Gear, flaps, power, speeds, altitudes, navigation, landing, spoilers & stopping are all done for you by this FMA, just sit there & watch it perform.

Fabulous, just like real life pilots operate.

Do have a go.

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