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Shaney Guest

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with a scenery transparency problem.

Basically on some flights I can arrive at my destination and certain parts of the scenery is see through. For example at LGAV the terminal building is not there, yet the airbridges appear correct.

This does not occur on every flight. Sometimes it happens inside the PMDG 747 and certain camera angles parts of the plane are see through.

I appreciate any help you can give


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your video card is being pushed beyond it's capabilities, especially with that graphic intensive aircraft that you are using.
Lower some of your slides, autogen, clouds, shadows and AI.
That should help more if your using a laptop.


Shaney Guest


Ok thanks. I wondered if it might be that. But then given that it never use to happen before and that it doesn't happen every flight I wasn't sure.

Ive turned the sliders down, haven't flown the PMDG 747 since, but so far no problems with the other aircraft.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Happy that it helped and it should help with the PMDG too.
If it doesn't lower the slides a little more.


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