FSX Ignores addon scenery

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Hi! I am new to installing add-ons, but have had no problem at all adding new planes.

This changes when it comes to scenery, though. I have follow the help instructions from FSX to manually install scenery. I have tried all methods, but elected to create different folders (in the Addon Scenery folder) for each scenery, and each one of this folders contains a "scenery" and a "textures" subfolder, where the corresponding files are located.

The problem is that FSX should upload those automatically, but nothing shows on the scenery library.

Using "add area" doesn't work either: after I select the directory to add, I press Ok, and all it does is go down the directory hierarchy without closing the dialog box, as if the program is still looking for the directory I want to add.

I have FSX installed in a machine with a 3-core AMD processor with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. Could this be a problem of Windows 7, or related to the 64 bit version?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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When You add scenery ,just click on the white aera 🙂
sorry for my english m8 🙂

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