Running FSX in Windows 8.1

Felixleiter Guest

I just upgraded to a new pc with an Intel i7 processor and Windows 8.1.

I loaded my old FSX and after running it for a few minutes I get an error message shutting it down and saying a problem has been encountered. Does anyone have any ideas?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Exact words of the message please.


FelixLeiter Guest

I did not copy down the message but it was a standard Windows message box with something similar to--Flight Simulator X has encountered an unknown problem and is shutting down.
I'll try to force a failure and write down the exact message.

BTW - I have 8GB of memory and 1Tb of storage. Computer is by ASUS with built in Dell graphics. I just moved it from my old XP machine with 2gb of Ram.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Without the exact message it just a guess.
You say you have "built in graphics" that's your weak point.
Integrated video cards are notoriously insufficient for graphic intensive games.
Lower some of your major memory hog slides.
Autogen, shadows, clouds and AI.
You could even shut off AI and shadows.

See how it works then and be sure you have the latest video drivers.
Clean out the old ones and install new ones.


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