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I purchased a new Saitek Pro Flight yoke, throttle Quadrant, switch panel, radio panel, multi panel, and pedals last December. The yoke has the capacity to plug in three USB devices, making it a USB Hub, which won't work without the Saitek alternate power supply, which I purchased later.
This allowed the three panels to be plugged in to the rear of the yoke, and minimized the utilization of USB ports on the computer.
There is also a UPS and HP Printer, along with a keyboard and mouse occupying USB ports. The yoke was installed and recognized as a Flight Yoke, as were the throttle quadrant and pedals. The yoke, however, developed problems and had to be deleted and re-installed in order to use it for a session. If it remained connected, but unused, it devolved to an "Unk Device" with problems. Madcatz did provide a procedure for uninstalling, then re-installing, but that doesn't work very well anymore.
If I delete and re-install the Yoke, I can get it to become an "Unk" device in Devices and Printers, and of late that situation has deteriorated to where it's always a problem device, even after re-install.
I have the impression that either the yoke has internal circuitry which is deteriorating, or Windows 7 / 64 is not properly dealing with it. I've contacted Saitek (Madcatz), and after two weeks am still waiting to hear their response.
AMD Phenom Tri-core processor, 8 Gigabytes Memory, Windows 7 / 64 OS.
Anyone who has experienced or solved problems like this ? I'm sure Madcatz will eventually get around to an answer, but in the meantime, I'm using the system as a $600 paperweight!


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Emitchell Guest

I am having a similar problem. The autopilot module works far, but the yoke just stopped working after 2 days and Windows is not getting any ID signals from it, so it remains unrecognized. I called the manufacturer but they could not help.

thomas from Hungary Guest

Hi everybody !

I would like to ask for help. I also saitek pro flight yoke, Cessna trim, radio, multi, switch panels are. After you install this configuration will go all right as long as the machine is switched off. However, when you turn on the computer again is not any of these settings. Regularly trim the Yoke and lost. Annoying again and reinstall the system before every game. The on my win7 / 64 runs. What can I do to solve the problem?

Sincerely: Thomas

dart1280 Guest

USB can be a bit flaky, you could try opening device manager and deleting the enhanced PCI to USB Host Controllers, and then go to ACTION - Scan for hardware change. Windows will 'discover' the controllers and re-install them, then it should find the USB devices connected to the USB ports. I do this when any device gets recognised as an 'unknown device.' and it usually fixes the problem.

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