GPS, Radar, Rwyinfo and Map for PMDG MD-11

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I have been successful in working with the PMDG MD-11 and adding some additions that I know other people have asked for. I have been successful in adding GPS, Radar, Rwyinfo and Map for the MD-11. I have been testing it for several weeks now and it seems very stable. The panel.cfg file must be edited and some files must be downloaded. There are several reasons why I did this, one of them is this. If you takeoff with the MD-11 and forget the destination airports ILS frequency, you are out of luck. In a real MD-11 all one needs do do is look in their little book and your home free. I would like to find someone who is willing to check these addons that has a PMDG MD-11. My copy of the MD-11 is a purchased one with a valid serial number. I would like to go one addition at a time and make sure each one individually is working properly before I release the additions to the forum and potentially cause some problems.
If your copy of the MD-11 is a pirated one, I cannot guarantee these changes will work.

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