help with the level d 767

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Hey just wondering with the level d 767 how can you bring up your GPS? and get the plane to follow the GpS path? because I can get it to do that on the notmal planes but not the level d 767, any help?


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L. D 767 hasnt a GPS.You can add one though.Search avsim for GPS and you will find some add-ons.
You have to set up your FMC in order to follow your route.Dont ask me how...I have the craft but never give the needed time to learn how we set up the FMC Embarassed .Im a bit lazy... 😉

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

GM is'll need to learn how to use the FMC.

I'd be happy to give you help with it...maybe a tutorial flight or something.

My MSN is in my profile 😉

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