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Hello all, I am new to this forum so if I do NOT follow etiquette please advise and I will adjust my query accordingly.

A bit of background is in order:

On 16 August 1987, along with my Aunt Ginger, boarded a Continental aircraft with service from Detroit Metro Airport to John Wayne Airport in Southern California as we were coming home after a family reunion in Michigan. We both were due back at work the following Monday morning and hence why we left separately from other family members.
As the aircraft was being pushed back, the flight crew was unable to light one of the engines and hence we went back to the gate and sat for a spell as maintenance worked on the issue.
After an hour there was no way we would make our connecting flight from Denver to JWA, SoCal. I wasn't in a major rush (I was 18 and did not really care about missing a day of work) but my aunt was. They booked her on a Northwest flight with service to Phoenix (Sky Harbor) and then on to JWA in SoCal. I sat down in the terminal and got something to eat.
My Aunt Ginger's flight was Northwest Flight 255. The aircraft crashed on takeoff killing 154 passengers and crew.
The ultimate cause of the crash was cited as crew error by failing to set the aircraft for take-off config (An MD-80) No flaps/slats were set and thus no lift.

Years later I am a FSX enthusiast. I added on a freeware MD80. I wanted to recreate the scenario. Yet I could NEVER repeat what happened as The aircraft was able to takeoff with no flaps whatsoever.

I have the realism set to the highest setting yet not able to induce the accident on ANY aircraft within the FSX Livery.

Any advice?

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