747 Takeoff and climb problems

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I'm having problems taking off in the 747 and climbing. It seems to go into stall in takeoff, I know why becuase the plane pulls up itself and it doesn't get enough speed. I don't know how to stop it from going up. I'm using a program called FS2Crew Deafult FSX 747 Edition and it calculates the needed flaps for the weather condition for takeoff. I follow the calculations and it pulls up itself. I know it's not the program becuase I was having a problem before I installed it. What should my speed be? It's a clear day with no wind so I need my flaps down a bit, so they are calculated to go to 20. Another problem is that it stalls during climb. What should my speed be for climbing?

I don't understand I use to be able to fly the 747 perfectly.


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i have had this problem with a mk airlines 747 200 in fs9! the problem is that the aircraft could be over loaded, have you checked the fuel and payload?

when a 74 is overload it will guzzle runway like a piper cherokee 6... following that, nice shallow climb. with very gentle turns... i reckonmend, when airborn, gear up, autopilot on, start a intial climb of 900/1000 ft a min, have auto throttle on so set in a speed, KEEP the slats out until you have turned onto your heading!!! if you put the slats up then thats why it pitches nose up and crashes!

tries those tips and let me know, check the payload fuel too!! hope it makes sence

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Thanks, I'll give it a go.

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Hi, if the plane isn't overloaded, I think it's maximum weight is 880 000 lbs. At this weight, and standard atmospheric and weather conditions(sea level):

V1(takeoff dicision speed) ---> 160 KIAS with flaps at 10
---> 155 KIAS with flaps at 20.

Vr(rotation speed, dry runway) ---> 177 KIAS for flaps at 10
---> 171 KIAS for flaps at 20

V2(maximum climbing speed) ---> 188 KIAS with flaps at 10
---> 181 KIAS with flaps at 20

Landing speeds (with gear down):
880 000 lbs(flaps 25)------>188 KIAS
880 000 lbs(flaps 30)------>181 KIAS
445 000 lbs(flaps 25)------>134 KIAS
445 000 lbs(flaps 30)------>129 KIAS

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Thanks, but the plane lifts up itself with autopilot off. The nose goes up at about 100kts and then stalls and won't go back down, not even with auto pilot.


Did you check your trim settings?

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hmmm. None of this should be a problem.. Even with maxload the 747 should be able to take off pretty easily. I dont know whats wrong, I can even take my 747 off in a regional airport, max loaded, but waiting for N1 to max with my parking brakes on.

Should be flaps 10, you should roll at about 160ish. I see that you said the auto pilot is off.. hmm. maybe stop using the program or something?

and I also see you live in Tenerife... My grandfather was killed there in 1975 because of some Dutch moron if you know what I am talking about.

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Ok thanks.

Sorry to hear that. I wasn't born then but Tenerife is a safe place but these things happen. About 1 and a half years ago someone got killed here:

Actually, can't find my camera lead. It was actually like 100m away from my house, I can see the area and it wasn't very nice to see police go up to the road and ask them what happend.

The picutre was taken from my house, talk about scary. 3 men it was they had a million euros with them and only 250 000 was left when the police got there about 2am. Way to wake me up!

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I don’t know what is the problem with your take off but exactly the same thing happened with me when I am taking off with crj-700. Then I learned that if I am taking off with autopilot on and altitude marked and virtual speed is above 900-1000 my plane nose is raising and I am getting “stall” See if it is not the same with U


I had the same problem but as a previous guest pointed out the trim is set wrong wind it down a few notches and you will be ok,i think its 1 on the number key pad to trim down but check this out on the key assingment on the knee board,and dont arm the ap and alt till you av reached v2 or v2r or it will try to climb out and you will stall.

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