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For the kind attention of Radar Man My sim saviour

I Downloaded this App because the write up was impressive, my only criticism is the installation help document, very involved.
I tried to follow it but feel I have missed something important.

I have managed to get the ACARS unit onto my tool bar. It works (switch on and message says flight sim not found,,,, as its not turned on)

I,ve tried copying it to the a/c Im flying and IF its there, I cant find it to use.

Does one programme it before starting the sim, or when its in the flying a/c ?

Have checked my FSX directory but am reluctant to add or move stuff until I know a bit more.

It looks so good and Im aching to get it going


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Since I've never used it I can only search for an answer.
Try looking at these.

Good place to ask.


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Thanks Radar Man
Have done all you said.

Do you remember talking about that add on offered about clouds but we could't find it to download ?

Well a similar one appeared and the offer on a Mosquito download said it was for £5 , usual price £12.99.

I selected it but once again was unable to proceed as it wasn't there !!! ????

I'm beginning to think these offers are some kind of weird scam.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

About the clouds, get the name of it and let me see if I can find out what it's all about.


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