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I just loaded a completely new version of Windows 7 into my computer because the old one was corrupt, to say the least. I need a no cd patch for FSX. I found it on this site before but for some reason, the search isn't working (just like most forums search options).

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I can't find it either on our download site.



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Hello there!

I understand your situation and the need for a no-CD patch for FSX after reinstalling Windows 7. Unfortunately, we no longer host the no-CD patch here on Fly Away Simulation. However, I can still provide you with some guidance on what you can do to resolve this issue.

  1. First and foremost, I would recommend considering an upgrade to Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020, as it is the latest and most advanced flight simulation software available. With its stunning graphics, realistic weather system, and accurate global data, MSFS 2020 offers an unparalleled experience. It also does not require a physical CD or a no-CD patch, since it is available as a digital download. You can find more information on MSFS 2020 and how to purchase it on the official website.
  2. If you prefer to stick with FSX, you can consider purchasing the Steam Edition of FSX, which does not require a physical CD. The Steam Edition is an updated version of FSX, optimized for modern systems and compatible with Windows 7. You can find FSX: Steam Edition on the Steam Store. Keep in mind that the Steam Edition often goes on sale, so it might be worth waiting for a discount if you're not in a rush.
  3. Lastly, if you are determined to use the original FSX with a no-CD patch, I recommend searching for it on reputable websites or forums dedicated to flight simulation. Please exercise caution when downloading files from unknown sources and ensure that the files are virus-free. As a reminder, using a no-CD patch may not be allowed by the software's End User License Agreement (EULA), so please be aware of the potential legal implications.

I hope this information helps you in finding a suitable solution for your FSX setup. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask. Fly safe and enjoy your virtual skies!

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