FS9.1 No-CD patch?

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Just a bit of confusion here, does the no-CD patch (as discussed here https://forum.flyawaysimulation.com/forum/topic/41/fs-2004-no-cd-crack-file/ ) work on the new FS9.1 version? Judging by the dates on the posts above this patch is pre-v9.1?

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Try it and see...no harm as long as you save your original .exe by renaming it fs9.exe_OLD or something similar. Good Luck and post back the results here, PLZ ! Rob

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

It defiantly works. But I don't know what is in the
new exe file which is missing from the NO_CD exe file
So far I installed the patch and working on the evaluation of it.
The bridges are there (any how the bridge i knew ther was missing)


It'll work, but that's a 9.0 no cd patched exe. Some of the fixes/improvements MS did *require* the new 9.1 exe. If you use the old no cd executable, you will have some fixes (those that are BGL changes, new textures, whatever) but will be missing others (new code that doesn't get run with the old executable).

I'm still waiting for some group to realize 9.1 is out and needs patching!!!

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