Ive lost all visual signs of ai in my fsx

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I have a fsx only Toshiba with 800 gigs . Ive worked with this since its release in 2007 2008, over the years with different add ons fsps etc and the very best in payware ive run into a severe problem. Im receiving up to 20 messages a day from tacpac that I am offending over 1000 users because I have a huge amount of ai showing. The problem is , my computers ramped up to its max, and the extreme program keeps it all together perfectly. How come I don't have any ai whatsoever showing on my end?, I have all of the traffic programs , etc., This was noticed a few weeks ago and ive went thru everything and done every variation in settings and im not getting any results. I had heard that maiw installations could wipe it out, its weird. not a plane in the sky anywhere on the planet. Anyone have any ideas or solutions? I was planning a reinstall, but I have a feeling that's going to ruin all of the add ons and sceneries. Ive went through overlapped sceneries before.

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Drop in your disk 1 and choose repair.
It may bring it back but it also may load old (default) scenery over your new add-ons.


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Idea Install the last version of your DirectX or put the CD1 fsx and choose repair option!

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