Visual Flight Path: How to make it visible?

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I am just wandering how to make the visual flight path "visual". I was flying a plane this morning and tried to turn the visual flight path on, I ticked enable visual Flight Path, and went back to landing. however the VFP was not "visual". The rings only showed up when I landed, and they were in Takeoff" Mode. Can Somebody Help?? Idea 😂

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Only time I've ever used those things are when the flight instructor set them up... so I can't help... 🙂

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Did you enter a height when the hoops/rectangles appear? There's a box where you can enter this. ALso, not sure, but I think they have to be linked to a ILS or approach radio frequency...but I'm only a beginner too, so perhaps others might correct me on this.

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The visual flight path only works in conjunction with a navigation course such as a VOR radial or ILS course to a runway. Only some runways have a ILS. Don't set altitude of indicators for ILS, it won't work. Altitude is for VOR radials. Choose type of indicator, number, distance between and ALT (VOR only) for guidance. 🙂

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I too am having problems with the HOOPS, The one reference to vor and or ils, I do not believe they would have to be on because the checked box at the top of the drop down box is checked for VFR flight.
I contacted the Tech Rep Laxman and we have been working on this problem for 4 or 5 weeks now and he finally gave up.
On my problem I told him I could only get the HOOPS on the Seattle airport and not any of the other fields Id tried them Sac. Ca. Int, Atlanta Ga. Int, Beale AFB, Yuba Co. Airport and several others.
So What does he do...He used Seattle Airport as a model to solve my Problem..and told me how to get the HOOPS up. well that did not help as I had already told the rep that thats the only airport that I could get the HOOPS to run. But this last day or two he came back and said he had tried Yuba County Airport, Marysville Ca. to no avail and deemed it a program problem with that airport.
So I have uninstalled and reinstalled and used the Complete installation and have NOT gained anything new..
I too need help if any one can figure out the soulation..
I wonder if any of MicroSoft reads this stuff......robby

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