windows 10 32 bit x86, voice and missing upper frame.

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hello to everyone,
I just downloaded FSX and I have the following problems. I hear either the control tower repeating the same sentence two and three times over , the same with co-pilot. I also dont have the upper frame that shows : world, aircraft ,option,help etc. I was running for a few years the simulator on vista and later on on windows 7 and 10 without problems on my DELL inspiron 15 R N5010 that had 4g ram and graphic card ATI radeon mobility. icore 7
Now I use a DELL JPS M1710,( my inspiron got a problem), which also has 4 g ram and geforce 7950gtx card.
Although it is older than the inspiron, I think it full fills the requirements to have a decent play.
Why do I get these problems? Bare in mind that I did repaired the download too.
Is there a friend who could identify whats going on? I only hope that I will be back on air soon.
Thank you all.

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See if this helps with the menu bar, it's a start.


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(1) Delete FSX on Win10, reinstall on Win7 and make trial run on Freeflight and Missions.

(2) Wait until final version of Win10 is available, then try FSX running once again.

Win 7 is better !

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