Mod that creates a follower plane?

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I want to fly with another planes in offline mode, is there a mod that creates a plane that keeps following you wherever you go?

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It's almost that, the only problem is that the formation on this add-on don't follow me. But thanks anyway o/

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Closest that I could find.



there is a mission that gives examples of AI that follow another AI or you can make him follow you, I have tried it and it does uses simvar, and once installed will allow all missions made with simvar work

check this like from Jim Kier(author of simvar)
there is a download on the page

SimVar Extension Details
Availability : Download from FSAddon at

Cost : FREE including commercial use, but not commercial distribution

Support :

Example missions using SimVar : Examples.msi

hope these help you


hope you like this post, has some AI that you can chase and shooot at if you have a weapons pack or i assume tacpack as well

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