Dino Cattaneo F-14 Repaint Glitch.

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Hello Everyone!

As you may not be aware, I am a MAJOR fan of Namco Bandai's Ace Combat Series. Recently, I found and downloaded Dino Cattaneo's Excellent F-14D Tomcat for use with I also happened to find a repaint for it as the Razgriz Squadron from Ace Combat 5. I wonder if anyone has a moment to help me fix a rather annoying glitch that I've found.

When I view the Razgriz Tomcat from 3rd person and tilt the camera so I'm facing the left or right side of this aircraft. I can see what appears to be a ghost image of the Grumman Last Flight insignia superimposed over the Razgriz paint scheme (as if the reflective texture for the tail wasn't updated or otherwise ignored). I'd fix this myself but I don't have any software on this PC dedicated to high-end paint projects.

Everything else about this aircraft is great. Almost surprising that it's freeware. It's just this paint issue kinda throws off my groove when I fly the Tomcat. I found a pair of repaints for this tomcat consisting of the Black Aces and Jolly Rogers. Going to try and see if that phantom image shows up again.

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Let us know how the others work out.
Good luck!


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Hi Guys and Gals.

Those other two F-14 schemes look AWESOME! I would've flown with the Jolly Rogers if I'd been given the opportunity.

Still no luck trying to find help fixing the Razgriz glitch but I kinda feel better flying historically accurate birds anyhow. Not that I don't like flying the Razgriz banner once in awhile.

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I used to fly the Jolly Roger once in a while way back when. I can't remember if it was FS9 or FSX.
I fly mostly GA aircraft so I used that to do barrel!


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I apologize if this isn't the correct venue but I've run into a wall everywhere else...
I recently pulled out my PS2, Ace Combat 4 and 5, and the Namco Flight Stick that I used and loved many years ago.
Everything seems the same but I can't get the autopilot to shut off. Every level starts with it on. All the navigation, weapons and targeting controls work fine but with the autopilot engaged you can't steer or accurate/ decelerate.
Any suggestions?
Much appreciated.

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