installing Microsoft flight simulator 2004 in Windows 7

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I bought FS2004 several years ago and ran it on Windows XP with several add ons. I loaded it on Windows 7 and it loads but will not start up. I asked for help with some computer techs in INDIA and they spent several hours trying to figure it out with no joy. So I loaded FS X which opens, but I forgot how much I dislike it. So I reloaded FS2004 and it does load and I get the Icon on my desk top but when I click on it, it acts like it wants to load and then nothing. I have the CH Pro Pedals and CH FS yoke. Any ideas of things I should try??? Crying or Very sad

Thanks, Magnafique

Just finished a flight in a full scale Cessna 172 for 2 hours had a ball and we made 3 takeoffs and landings.

My favorite airplane add on to FS2004 is the old Curtiss C-46. I used to work on them and fly in them in Alaska

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"It loads"

Does it go to the splash or to the menus and then stop.


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No it just fails to start??? Thanks for your answer, I have rejoined after a long hiatus.


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I have both FSX and FS9 on XP7 I did load FSX in first. I suggest you try a reload with stock settings. If that fails rename the directory you to something like FS9 or the like, Best bet if you have it is to load FS9 onto a secondary disk drive.

Also I suggest you load FS2004 in stock, then add the FS9.1 update, and then the FS9.1 NOCD Update--all available in download section.

BE SURE that after you do all of the above-you drag the stock FS9 shortcut to the recycle bin, nd create a new shortcut to the desktop based on the new NOCD exe.

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