PMDG 737NG and 777LR Error

Snoop-Dogg Guest

Okay so I own both PMDG's for P3D, but when I try to install it doesn't install because I get this stupid msg saying
"Installation cannot continue. Your registry does not show a valid Prepar3D(tm) installation location."

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Snoop-Dogg Guest

Never mind I fixed it... For all those who are wondering I did the following steps:
1.Press Start key (Windows key)+ R and that should open a window called "Run".
2.Enter "regedit" and pressy OK.
3.Once your in the registry editor go onto HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>LockheedMartin.
4.If you have P3D v3 then you are probably not using v2 so just delete the P3D v2 registry.
Hope it helps you!

Snoop-Dogg Guest

Okay so I thought it worked for both planes but the 777LR gets that same Error again so what do I do?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check your other post for my answer.


Mexicamote Guest

Hello everyone.

I got the fix to install PMDG products... Check this link:

This is a tutorial for install ORBX products in P3D v3 but this way is working to install PMDG products, too.

Good Luck!!

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