FSX Problem: Cannot see pop-up content in cockpit

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Hi guys!

Newbie to the forums but by no means a flying newbie.

So I recently decided to fireup FSX again and event went as far as purchasing QualityWings 757 and FSPassengers.

However, ever since I installed FSX, I have not been able to see any cockpit "pop-up" content. This includes the FSPassengers Minidisplay and the EICAS/GPS/PFD/FMS on some of my third party airplanes.

The displays and FSPassengers program all work, I just can't see anything that involves being enlarged and for interaction.

This really also inhibits the function of my QW757 since I cannot enlarge the FMS/FMC and use the QW757 add-on to its fullest extent.

Can anyone provide any pointers?

System Stats:
ASUS Maximus VII Formula
Intel Core i7 4790k Devil's Canyon (not overclocked)
GTX 670x2 in SLI
Windows 10 x64

Running FSX in DX10 Preview Mode, if I don't the screen does not get filled all the way on my monitor

Mods installed:
FSPassengers (latest build)
QW757 (latest build)
FSX SP1 and SP2
Steve Parsons Shader/Texture Fix v3.2.2
UIAutomationCore Fix to prevent crashing (worked since installation, used to crash without oddly)

Any more info anyone needs please let me know.

This might seem like a minor malfunction since I can complete flights no problem, I just can't see/click vital information otherwise available with FSX fully functioning.

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Forgot to add too: I can see the ATC Window 100% and it works 100%.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It seems to be a W10 problem unless running in DX9.

Try it in full screen and Windows mode and see if it will work in either one.

As far as I know SLI and Crossfire are not supported in FSX.


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Hi RadarMan! Thanks for the reply!

I have tried Full Screen/Windowed in both in DX9 and DX10 Preview Mode and to no avail.

DX9, the textures for the 757 Body don't even load. DX10 is the only way for me at the moment.

If I click on an EICAS screen to "pop up," it doesn't show, but I can "hunt" for it if I click and drag in random areas--so the window is there, I just' can't see it. I can even see the borders when I "find" it.

Also, I keep SLI enabled since I have observed smoother frame rates with it on versus with it off.[/img]

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I see.
Try pressing Ctrl + Backspace several times, it will move the viewpoint in the VC toward the panel.


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Tried---that just totally messed up my POV and made my pilot have the view of a midget lol

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Kiketon802 Guest

Hi, where you able to solve the issue?
I've had the same issue, I could see the pop ups before, but trying all the view options in the FSUIPC, I must have selected something and now I cannot see the pop ups unless I undock them, and same, I have to guess where the window is....

Any tip is more than welcomed....

Thanks in advance

Kiketon802 Guest

Hi, after digging and digging, problem solved.... on the options tab, configuration, screen.... chose the aircraft tab and there is a setting for the 2D panels transparency. Select 0 or whatever. Mine went to 100%...

Good flights

Marcussssssss Guest

Brilliant. Yes totally right. For me.it was the transparency settings in airplane. Now my pop ups appear

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