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I am having difficulty installing some aircraft and making them work. Some of the downloads seem to be missing gauges, 2D panels, virtual cockpits, etc. I usually use Flightsim Manager to install craft, but have also done it sucessfully manually. For example, I recently tried to install an A-380. Flightsim Manager gave a message during install (as it has on many craft) that gauges could not be found. I looked in the downloaded folders, and indeed they were not there. This aircract has a black screen for 2D cockpit, and no guages for 3D.
Is there a trick to installing aircraft with incomplete content in the download? Do we have to manipulate or import content from other planes when installing? Some seem to be simply repaints for which you need the main installed craft to add it to - is that right?

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Many add on aircraft do-not come with a panel or gauges,or sound files to keep the d/load as small as possable
Search your favorite site for panels and read through the discription to make sure all the bits are there

I am supprised that Skydecks do not ship the gauges with there product.Have you emailed suupport? ➡

This site has many links to panel developers Freeware and payware

As for the placement of d/loaded panels,if any gauges come with it,they go into the main fs9 gauges folder and are accessed from there

3D cockpits are built into the aircraft and if its not got one,you cant add one


Thank you for your reply. So, d/loads that do not have gauges, panels, sound, etc. and ones that are simply repaints - are they meant to add on to an aircraft already installed that has all of those componants? Would we then put the various componants into the appropriate folder and it should work?

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Percisely. Yes

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