For no good reason, one of my engines throttle stop working!


These are one of the times this has happened to me. in calibration, everything seems to be alright!!

I was flying on a Singapore Airlines B777-200 going from Jakarta to Changi. For most of the flight, I was on autopilot. When I took off, I used manual controls and my throttle worked fine. When I tuned to the runway's ILS frequency, I turned off autothrottle. I put the throttles down using the joystick, bu only engine #1's throttle went down!! The other engine's throttle didn't respond!! I had one throttle on max, and one on full!! I was caught totally off guard and entered a spin and crashed. This has happened to me quite a few times and can be very frustrating during landing. Even with the keyboard, both throttles don't work, only one does. I have to manually drag the throttle from the instrument panel which can be frustrating. I am using a Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick. Any help would be nice,

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anyjoystick Guest

No matter what joy stick i use, sidewinder 3d pro, logitech extreme 3d pro, saitak you name it.
but, it only happens when i restsart and i hafta fire the motors ta get em goin cuzz the auto wont flip the fire button when its supposed to 😕

guest Guest

If its anything like fs 2004, its because you are
bumping what i think is the E key, which selects engine 1.

Let me fire up fs and check

guest Guest

Yeah if its the same in FSX as in FS2004, under the control assignments under engine controls the E key does engine select.

I always used to bump it, and it selects only engine 1 for the throttle control, best bet is to re-assign it.

anyjoystick Guest

are you saying reassign control + E for the auto start?
(i have a habit of hitting the "A" key when i try to engage the autopilots "Z" key)
(and i did reassign my spoiler key to /) i forget why but it must have been for a similar reason 😂
but, is there someway to reset that without having to restart the flight?(the throttle troubles)

guest Guest

I couldnt find a way to fix it in flight apart from changing the E key. The way engine select worked was you would press E, then press a number 1-4 on which engine you wanted to select from your throttle. Not sure how to reselect them all.

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